Whenever I work with clients on fine tuning their on line business I ask them to identify their “niche market”……



 :), and we work on it, a lot

Because here is the thinking that trips us up:

I don’t want to limit myself and miss someone


It is a tough concept to get our hands around but:

  • if we try to be everything to everyone we lose all of our individuality, all our personality, all of our uniqueness because we are speaking to too large of an audience.
  • And we can’t make everybody happy
  • And we can’t make everybody feel like we are talking just to them


I also think we make it a lot harder than it has to be.


But you cannot succeed in your business, at the level I know you desire, until you get super comfortable with knowing your Niche Market


So join us in a webinar in which you will learn

EXACTLY how to identify your Niche Market

cost is 4.95

you will be taken to the training upon payment

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