Creating a strong newsletter is critical to driving on line sales.

We already know that social media is designed to create relationships.
And too much “buy now, sign here” can sour those relationships in a hurry.
We also know how important it is to stay in front of our customers so they think of us as their go to person.
Your newsletter can:
  • strengthen your relationship with your readers
  • keep you in front of your customers, and potential customers
  • and provide the best opportunity to drive purchases
Providing high quality content is so important on line, but let’s be clear:
  • businesses make money
  • and to make money you need to sell product
Join us in this webinar to learn how to use your newsletter to further your relationships, get referrals, sell product, drive sales, and create profits
Sounds daunting
But there are just a few things to tweak to get your newsletter to be a business builder
Cost is 4.95

you will be directed to the training upon payment

if you have any diffculties email me at [email protected]