Retention: keeping those downline active, happy and engaged starts from the VERY beginning of their time with you


How do we make sure our demonstrators don’t just become “kit-buyers”?

there is no fault in the price of the kit

As uplines we simply need to manage their expectations.

New downline need to be guided in an easy, sensible way to place their first order, find friends to stamp with and get that first recruit.


Retention goes thru the roof when we can help them accomplish this.

How do I know?

I recruited 15-20 people every year and lost NO ONE for the first 4 years


Our mistake as leaders is to ask them what they want


Can you imagine starting a new job and going in for your first day of training and being asked, “so, what do you want to learn”


Or going to a class on cake decorating¬†and being asked, “so what do you want to learn how to do”


We have no idea!

We are new!


We are looking to be guided and cared for


So let’s learn how to guide and care for our new downline, help them to find their spot as a demonstrator, and be sure they know the success that is even possible in this awesome business!

Let’s Give Your Downline their Roadmap to Success


and create a stable, solid group!


cost is 4.95

you will be directed to the training upon payment

if you have any difficulty email me at [email protected]