Did you read our post on the key to a Successful Downline?

if you missed it, go ahead and check it out here

Building a Successful Downline is key to Building a Successful Direct Sales Business

but I don’t think you need to give away the bank to “motivate and reward” your downline.

And I will be honest with you, I was Queen of bribing my downline to succeed, and it worked.

And then I found myself in a position where I needed to make money from my Direct Sales Business.

The HUGE incentives had to stop

Because my “successful downline” was costing me a ton of money.

I revamped my business and made more in the next 6 months than I had in the previous 3 years.

so here is the deal:

Are you more interested in earning trips and titles OR earning money?

If you are happy running your business for “the glory”, go get ’em!

We aren’t about that, but it is your business and you can make that choice.

but if you are looking at this new catalog year and KNOW you have to make changes, then we want to work with you.

We are doing an intensive Leadership training “Joyful and Profitable Leadership”

More Joy

More Profit

Who wouldn’t want that?


Here is what we know:

Happy People are more productive

Happy People don’t leave

If your downline were more productive and stuck around,

AND  you could stop bribing them with YOUR money,

think you would be more profitable, make more money, be better compensated for your time and energy?

As we said, this is a BIG idea training, not for everyone.

If you are up to dedicating 2 weeks to re-examining, re-formulating and re-committing

to the success of your business before this next catalog year begins

we KNOW you will see huge results in the success and growth of your downline,

the joy of running your business

and the financial return on your time and energy.

Joyful and Profitable Leadership

  • 1 video
  • 1 webinar
  • 1 questionaire
  • 2 PDF’s

Cost is $75,

Invest in Yourself

Invest in more Joy

Invest in more Profits

You will be taken to the training page after you have paid.

If you have any difficulties, please email me at [email protected]