10 ways to Identify and Embrace Your Brand and use it To Build a Social Media Plan

I know the word branding makes you super nervous

Identifying your brand is the single most critical aspect to having a successful on line business.

Think of your brand as your promise to your customers

And every day you work at delivering that promise 

Once you clearly identify your brand it really makes all of your on line choices simple, clear and effective

One of the barriers people face when identifying and committing to a brand is that they worry they may exclude someone. 

What if my brand promises my customers x, but they are really looking for y? 

The number one rule in branding is that you can’t be all things to all people, and beyond that you can’t build a following by being boring. And boring is what you get when you don’t develop your brand, your personality, your niche

think about McDonalds: what do they promise and what do they deliver

think about Panera: what do they promise and what do they deliver 

both very successful

similar in that they are both fast and easy options for lunch 

but how they deliver that lunch is like night and day

They both make a definite promise to their customers and they both deliver on that promise consistently, day in and day out. 

but people choose McDonalds or Panera for entirely different reasons

Neither one is right

Neither one is wrong 

they have identified their brand, their promise to consumers, and work to deliver it consistently  

When it comes to Stampin’Up! Demonstrators we all sell the same stuff: Stampin’Up products.

We also have classes, tutorials, PDFs, but we do have a common product.

So the question is how to brand ourselves, how to make ourselves memorable, how to stand out from the crowd when we really all sell the same stuff? 

This is precisely why branding is so critical 

So how do you know what your brand is?

How do you carry that brand into all of your social media efforts?

How do you deliver on the promise that your brand offers? 

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