I am a firm believer that every demonstrator, hobbyist or business focused, should participate in Craft and Vendor Fairs.

I also know that my Craft and Vendor booth photos on Pinterest get more activity than any other ones.


They are a perfect venue for our Hobby Demonstrators to share their creations, be compensated for their creativity and surround themselves with folks who appreciate their talents.

As a Business Demonstrator the opportunity to network with other Direct Sellers, you know they are a perfect audience for OUR products, to showcase the versatility of our products, to grow our customer base, to highlight the different programs/stamping opportunities we offer make these events invaluable.

but if we are going to do them we need to do them right

We need to:

  •  Find Quality Events
  •  Set up a Booth that is Inviting
  •  Know what items will Sell
  •  Know how to price items
  •  Cash and Carry: how does that work?
  •  How to Get People to Give us their contact info
  •  How to offer enough but not so much that we overwhelm folks
  •  How to create a rock solid follow up plan
  •  How to MAKE MONEY at an event
  •  How to Grow Our Customer Base at an event

My 7 Steps to Creating a Successful Craft/Vendor event will provide you with all the tools you need to make these events a HUGE Rewarding aspect of your business, whether you are a hobbyist looking to share and profit from your creations or a business builder looking to fill your classes, grow you customer base, and generate product sales.

This training includes:

  • A recorded webinar you can access at any time
  • a PDF full of photos to inspire you with items that SELL!
  • Step by Step Booth Set Up that you can print off and use
  • Pricing Options: both for events and items
  • Tools to create your own marketing pieces and follow up

This is a tool that you will use for years to come to radically change your business.

Invest in your business

Invest in yourself