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Where are you on the Scale?

Okay, this just made me laugh!! One of the things I come across often as I work with demonstrators is that while they have definite goals, ideas, and dreams…..they have a tough time staying on task. And I totally get it....

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Welcome 2016 !!

You know me. I love the fresh start of anything: a fresh notebook, Monday morning, bottle of wine 🙂   So the start of a new year gets me excited for all sorts of fresh possibilities. It is also a great time to clarify what...

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FB, September 3rd 2015

welcome to our training on how to hold a virtual Facebook Party   I have designed the Virtual Facebook Event as a 3 day “party”. You can certainly shorten it, do it all in one day, or even in one hour. I believe the 3 day...

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VIP Night Invitation

Download Pals & InkBig Night Out     VIP Night (Virtual InkBig & Pals night)   Party, Polls, Prizes & Possibilities   YOUR INVITED:   TUESDAY, JUNE 9TH 7 PM CENTRAL RIGHT ON FACEBOOK  ...

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