Want a Fresh Start? ReLaunch Your Business

Is your Direct Sales Business on track to do big things this year? If the answer is no, and you have the intent to rock it in 2012, then let's do a RE-LAUNCH!   If you had a new recruit who told you they wanted to build a real business and was totally...

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3 Rules to Creating New Customers

A lot of direct sellers start out by selling to their family and friends. It makes a lot of sense. We are comfortable with them and they are oh so ready to support us. But I always tell my recruits that the sooner they break away from the people they know the sooner...

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No Apologies For Success

I love women. I love being one. I love being with my girlfriends. I love working with my mostly female downline, almost all the time. But I am going to be honest, my toughest moments in my Direct Sales business has been at the hands of women I thought were part of my...

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Do You Have a Community of Support?

There are two things I hear Direct Sellers say that really get under my skin.   1) I didn't even know about the trip/incentive/etc, it just happened 2) I have no upline support/not enough upline support to be successful   Here is the truth: 1) You...

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