InkBig Tools for Building Your Direct Sales Business

I am a huge believer in using every tool possible to grow and make your Direct Sales business as profitable as possible. Social media is all about building relationships, and funny thing, so is direct sales! A strong social media presence can be done in 15 minutes a...

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A Rose by Any Other Name…..

stinks. ok, those of you in direct sales listen up!   Yesterday I did a little experiment on my own newsletter subscribers. Each week I send out a FREE newsletter with tips on social media and direct sales, sign up here I sent out the exact same newsletter...

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Passion for Your Direct Sales Business

the number one thing you need to build a successful Direct Sales business? PASSION! (side note: you get some very interesting images when you google passion #notforthefaintofheart)   Now, I know you have heard that before. But what does it mean?   There...

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Direct Sales: Only One Can Be King!

For those of us who love direct sales we have all the lure of repping for more than one company. We love the discounts for ourselves. We love sharing products with family and friends. We see potential at every turn when we love a product line.   But one of the...

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