3 Tips for Fun+Work this Summer

So as you know I have a high school  senior and a college freshman. Remember those summers back then?   They are so busy and it feels like I have one big revolving door, perpetual coming and going. Friends Laughter Late Nights...

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A Successful Summer is about doing what You Love

So I have already spilled the beans that I have a tough time keeping my focus during the beauty of summer. I have routinely shown up with quite the tan that makes it look like I never work But I am also a worker bee. This mama likes to work and not a day...

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3 Tips to Making Summer Work for YOU

I love summer. I am one of those girls who loves heat, sun, the beach, the cabin, fireflies. and with living in Wisconsin, well summer weather doesn't stick around that long. So I try to soak up ALL I can for as long as I can.   My favorite part of...

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