Great tools for our Stampin’Up! Demos

One of the big changes we are making in 2013 is a committment to help our Stampin'Up! demonstrators with the "creative" side of their business.   I put creative in quotations because: ALL of business is creative the projects are no more...

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Before January 1…..

the time between Christmas Day and New Year is the perfect time to schedule yourself time in your workspace to plan and dream   When you look to 2013, what are your goals, plans, vision for your business?   One of the things I talk with my clients about...

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One Quick Step to Make Money

one of the questions we get asked a lot is about how to keep track of your expenses, what deductions to take, you know, all those "money" questions.   Our first answer is always: find a bookkeeper or accountant who is knowedgeable in Direct Sales....

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Katt’s Creative Corner: Designed for You!

We know that many of our followers are building Stampin'Up! businesses. We are in the process of putting the finishing touches on our creative blog to truly support you in the "creative" side of your business. Cards, projects, classes, kits and amazing...

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