How to Know What to Charge

Many of my Stampin'Up! Friends and clients host classes each month. typically it is a "come and make 4 cards for x dollars, free with an $x purchase"   The question I get ALL THE TIME is what to charge? And my first answer is that there is no real...

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An Easy Way to Expand Your Business

as my Stampin'Up! friends, and many other direct sellers,look to kick off a new "year", I always say this is a great time to re-evaluate how you do things.   Today I want to talk to you about your "events". Whether you consider yourself a...

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I’m Still Talking about YOUR Money

any one who has taken a training from me knows that I will talk about money a lot. I believe with all my heart that everyone can have a profitable business, as big or small as they wish. I also talk about passion for what you do and building an amazing life. Because...

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