Why that Email List is So Important

Yes, I am writing this to you at 4:15 am! I got home late Sunday night from the Stampin'Up! Incentive Trip to Thailand and this jet lag is kicking my butt! The good news is that I have an 8 hour day in by noon 🙂   This week Stampin'Up! put out a reminder...

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You are a Business, Man

You totally know that I am a word girl. I have always loved to read and in my teenage years (so very very very long ago) I would keep notebooks of quotations, phrases, bits of stories that resonated with me. Now, thank goodness, I can just save them to Pinterest...

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The 4 Letter Word that Dooms your Business

I am sure you have your list of "4 letter words" that make you uncomfortable. ME? not so much, except for one.....and it is the ONE that can really hurt your business. B.U.S.Y. yep, busy!   We all know people who wear that "badge of busy" with a lot of pride....

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Become a Virtual Assistant

Do you love technology? Are you an organized, detail focused person? Do you love helping other people? Would you like to earn an income while working from home? One of the topics I am bombarded with is "how do I find a great virtual assistant?" Quickly followed by...

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Masters Retreat: Hilton Head Fall 2017

Masters Retreat September 28-October 1, 2017 Hilton Head Island, SC So what exactly is Master's Retreat? This event is designed specifically for business builders of any level who are really looking to fine tune their businesses and take them to the next level. Your...

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