Why are we making it SO HARD?

A lot of Direct Sellers are taking a portion of their business on line. Makes sense right?   I know I shop on line, learn on line, socialize on line and we need to meet folks where they are in order to be successful. So it makes sense to take some of our...

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WOO HOO! Celebrate with US and a FREE Webinar!!

In celebration of hitting 3000 fans (WOO HOO!!!) on our business Facebook page we are hosting a FREE webinar this Friday: Downline Incentives that WORK! if you have an incentive plan if you think you should have an incentive plan if your incentive plan is old, boring,...

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The BIG lie you have been told…..

I am certain that at some point you have heard the saying: "If you do what you have always done you will get what you always got" OR "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result"   It...

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Is Your Direct Sales Biz a Victim?

at some point everyone struggles in their business.   well and honestly, wouldn't it be great if we only struggled once?   but it is kind of a rinse and repeat in business.   We hit growing pains, or "not growing pains", and we have to...

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sometimes it is hard….

as many of you know I am a yoga fan.   I love my yoga classes, my instructors, the clothes (!), the heat, and seeing my friends on their mats. About a month ago I had some upheaval in my family life and needed some time to step back, self lay...

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