You + 2

Recently I had a chance to share some of my trainings in Minnesota, at a rockin' Stampin'Up! event hosted by leaders in the Minneapolis area. I was so honored to share my concept of "You + 2" with the demonstrators who attended.   The new...

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Learn PicMonkey!

Do you know how to do this:   or this:   or this:   then it is time to learn how to utilize PicMonkey to create visuals to market your business. PicMonkey is a FREE on line video editor that makes creating marketing visuals EASY! If you are not creating...

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One Big Mistake You Are Making

  If you are a follower of InkBig you know the disdain I have for "busy-ness". "I'm so busy" has become for many a badge we wear proudly indicating how important we are, how important the stuff is that we do and we all know there is a big...

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