Free Instagram 101

Everyone loves Instagram! It is pretty It is easy If you haven't jumped on the Instagram Wagon here is a quick tutorial, along with some fun tips and ideas   go to the app store download the instagram app press sign up set up account: email, username, and...

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it all matters…..

I have had kind of an introspective week. I don't know if it is returning from a trip, the fabulous fall like weather, lots of time with family.....or it could just be hormones. Seriously friend, 51 is a tough gig some days.   I was on one of my chat groups and...

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Don’t lose the Ocean

I am doing a training this week in Florida. One of the benefits is long walks on the beach, which is pretty much my idea of heaven! I am loving all the shells on the beach, I always pick up one or two to bring home with me and add to my collection. I love how fragile...

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The Power of Surprise and Delight

Yesterday my daughter celebrated her 23 birthday! I am always looking for an excuse to play hooky, particularly on a beautiful end of summer day. We got up early and took a hike with the dogs, then headed out to Devils Lake to paddleboard for the day. When we were...

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