Personalized Stampin’Up! Mugs

Want one? As many of you know, my husband owns a promotions company and has been making these mugs for me in my business, and people are loving them!! These are Yeti quality mugs to use with hot or cold beverages with "I Love Stampin'Up!" on one side. The one sided...

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Get Your Hardest Tasks Done

I am sitting in Atlanta in my hotel room following CentreStage, feet up and glass of wine in hand 😉 It was a great event and it was so good to spend time with some of my very favorite people. We got this pretty pretty bag, along with the Occasions and SaleABration...

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InkBig Academy Spring Training Road Trips

Leaves are falling Their is a nip in the air Which means just one thing: time to plan for Spring! This Spring I am scheduling time to do one day, small trainings at an affordable price. I have found that one of my great joys is sharing business tips and social media...

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The Downside of Playing Big

I am working with a group of Stampin'Up! demonstrators interested in growing their business on line. In order to do this it means creating and sharing more content on a regular basis. More blog posts, more updates to their Business Facebook Page, more photos on...

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The Secret to Getting Stuff Done

Recently I hosted a training and someone shared a tip on how to get more done in a day. The idea was that you set a timer for 30 minutes and work really hard on accomplishing that one thing, and then move on to the next task and reset the timer, etc. I totally get why...

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