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Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups

One of the questions I get from folks a lot is whether they should set up a Facebook Page or Facebook group for their Stampin’Up! business. Here is a super quick skinny of what each of these offers: Facebook Page FB pages can be seen by anyone, liked by anyone and followed by anyone. When Suzy Stamper likes, comments or engages with your page her friends see it. Even if someone has liked your page it won’t necessarily show up in their newsfeed unless they have interacted with your page recently. The “Facebook Algorithm” makes it pretty tough for more that 10% of your followers to see your posts. Facebook Pages have analytics which can let you know what works, what type of people engage with your page, what time of day is best to post. You can advertise your Facebook Page to reach more people.   Facebook Group A FB group is a community. While you can have an open, closed, or secret group, people need to ask to join and be approved. You can monitor who posts and have varying levels of control over other people commenting and inviting friends to join. What goes on in the group stays in the group. In a closed or secret group, no one sees the interactions, comments, etc that their friends make. Facebook Groups are highly likely to show up...

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Is Stampin’Up! your side hustle?

For many of you, Stampin’Up! is what I like to call a “side hustle”. I am a big fan of the side hustle. I think it is so critical to have something just for yourself. Something you are passionate about, something that brings you joy, something that you build just for YOU. I have just started a little side hustle of my own and I wnated to share it with you, because I think of us as friends I have zero intention fo giving up my Stampin’up! business of 18 years, but I have wanted to partner with a skin care company for so long and I finally found one that is the absolute perfect for me. EVER is a skin care line that is relatively new to the market. They are owned by the same company that owns Stella and Dot #allthelove Here is what made this the absolute right fit for me: Amazing Product Line I consider my self quite the connoisseur of skin care, having tried just about every thing on the market, including other direct sales companies. The EVER product line is hands down the most effective, safest, and affordable of anything I have used. That is the trifecta of skin care in my book! Amazing Home Office As a direct seller for nearly 18 years I know the importance of a strong home office....

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Why that Email List is So Important

Yes, I am writing this to you at 4:15 am! I got home late Sunday night from the Stampin’Up! Incentive Trip to Thailand and this jet lag is kicking my butt! The good news is that I have an 8 hour day in by noon 🙂   This week Stampin’Up! put out a reminder regarding the policy on “Ownership and Use of Team Lists, Company-Generated Customer Lists, and Other Confidential Information of the Company“. The basic idea is that you can’t use contact information compiled by Stampin’Up! in non-Stampin’Up! business. For example, you can’t email your entire team to ask for a donation for your charity bike ride or to solicit them to join you in a different business venture. The same holds true for any customer list/information found on the Stampin’Up! website. And this is why curating your own email list is critical. When you have an email list that people voluntarily sign up for, giving you their contact information so as to hear from you…..that is a completely different thing and YOU now own that list. SO BIG!! So if you decide to change companies, add a new venture, open an Etsy shop, offer flute lessons, start an online log rolling training… can absolutely use this list to market what you are offering. I love Stampin’Up! I have been a demonstrator for 17 1/2 years with zero...

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You are a Business, Man

You totally know that I am a word girl. I have always loved to read and in my teenage years (so very very very long ago) I would keep notebooks of quotations, phrases, bits of stories that resonated with me. Now, thank goodness, I can just save them to Pinterest #forthewin Recently I cam across a quotation from Jay Z that I absolutely love and cannot get out of my mind For those of you who have spend a little time around here you know that I have a few solid go tos when it comes to running your Stampin’Up! business: Do less, Do better WIN: What’s Important Now You Already Know Find your tribe, love them hard You are not Stampin’Up!, You are your own unique take on Stampin’Up!   and the one that a lot of folks struggle with, “YOU are your brand”……let’s be honest though, I know you don’t like hearing ” buy less” either 😉   Don’t get hung up on the use of the word “man”, it just works in this instance and still applies to all of us. You are not a businessman You are a business, man.   YOU ARE IT YOU are your business. Your people follow you because of who YOU are and what YOU provide. It is not about Stampin’Up! And once you embrace the reality, the power, the...

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The 4 Letter Word that Dooms your Business

I am sure you have your list of “4 letter words” that make you uncomfortable. ME? not so much, except for one…..and it is the ONE that can really hurt your business. B.U.S.Y. yep, busy!   We all know people who wear that “badge of busy” with a lot of pride. Somewhere we got super confused and started equating busy with succesful. If you have a lot to do that must mean you are working hard, getting stuff done, you are vital and important.   Truth? the LAST thing I want to be is busy. Busy does not mean productive, focused, joy filled, purpose-full, or happy Busy means stressed: too much to do and not enough time to do it   For me? I LOVE to work, but I refuse to be busy. And I am going to bet that I am not alone in that icky feeling about “BUSY”   When you are talking with your customers do you say, “oh my gosh, I’m just so busy!!”? And then wonder why they don’t want to sign up as a demonstrator?   When you talk with your team do you say, “oh my gosh, I’m so busy!!”? And then wonder why they don’t want to hold classes and events? Instead of having BUSY DAYS, try having FULL DAYS   “I had the most full morning, it was so fun!”...

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