Author: Lisa Pretto

New Training: Creating Clickable Shopping Links on Instagram

I adore Instagram! All those pretty pictures and quotes are my soulmates. But using Instagram to DRIVE SALES takes a whole lot more than a pretty pic. And I want to share with you this great tool that is simple, effective and a game changer for your Instagram account. What if I could show you how to EASILY convert your Insta followers to customers? As in “here is my money I am buying what you are selling” customers. Typically this “click to buy” feature is only available for those with a BUSINESS account and OVER 10,000 followers…, not me and I am guessing not you. I am so excited to share with you this SIMPLE tool and method for getting people right from your beautiful pic to shopping in mere seconds. I am telling you, this is #lifechanging I think it is time for Instagram to be more than just a pretty face….how about we put it to work? So join me! Thursday, February 1, 2018 1 pm CST *if you can’t join live, the recording will be available to all who sign up and yes, my VIPs, YOU get this for free   Cost is $25, Please click on the following link to go to the purchase page of this training. New Training: Creating Clickable Shopping Links on...

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NEW TRAINING: Simple Steps to Master Facebook

Facebook can make you crazy, right? You see all this info on how to use Facebook in your business and you do those things…..but you aren’t generating sales or building your team. I want to share with you the method I used to generate $8000 in sales in one week. Can I promise you those results? Nope. But I can promise you that with less time and more focused energy YOU will find new customers that BUY and people who WANT to join your team. Here is what you will learn: How to get in front of 150 new people every month while in your jammies and on the couch How to build relationships on Facebook that make people want to do business with you What to post on your personal Facebook profile to help grow your business What to post in your Facebook group to create engagement and sales How to build genuine relationships online that will create raving fans How to position yourself as THE PERSON people want to do business with all in less than 30 minutes a day Sound too good to be true? Here is what you need to know: Right now you are missing out on the key component that makes Facebook a PERFECT fit for any direct seller that wants to run their business on line. It is easy, it is duplicatable,...

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Live Training: Milwaukee April 8th

NEW: DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND I am now offering a LONG DISTANCE OPPORTUNITY that also includes a webinar that covers the entire training! All attendees will receive access, as well as all Long Distance people. The webinar will be available to access at will beginning Monday, April 9th at 10 am CST. You will receive a link to the information and will have 3 months to access the training.   I am so excited to attend Stampin’Up! OnStage in Milwaukee WI in April as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary! For those of you in the Midwest I am hosting a training the Sunday morning following the event focused on Social Media and your Stampin’Up! Business What platform to start on What platform you definitely DON’T need What to post on each site…..and yes, they are completely different! When to post on each site How to generate sales from your posts Do you need to PAY to PLAY? Facebook Groups vs Facebook Pages Can you use your personal Facebook Profile for business? How to make VIDEO simple and effective What kind of content really works The #1 thing you absolutely need This is open to all demonstrators, regardless of title or current business Cost is $20 and will include a PDF and webinar of the training so that you can reference it later. 9 am to Noon Aloft Milwaukee Downtown...

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It is BACK!!!! Our #1 Virtual Training Course!

Do you love technology? Are you an organized, detail focused person? Do you love helping other people? Would you like to earn an income while working from home? One of the topics I am bombarded with is “how do I find a great virtual assistant?” Quickly followed by “what exactly can they do for me?” There is a huge gap and a strong need for business demonstrators to receive the technical support necessary to build a thriving online business. From Pinterest to Blogging to Newsletters to Team Reports it is simply daunting to try and do it all yourself. A Virtual Assistant can work from 5-20 hours a week, for one or more people and help fill in or simply take over the behind the scenes technology of an online stampin’ business. The Virtual Assistant Training will give you all the tools you need to effectively and powerfully run a social media plan for any demonstrator, and even yourself. It seems daunting to list all the things we will cover but it includes: Newsletters, Automation, Paypal links Pinterest, Tailwind, Scheduling pins, optimizing pins, building effective boards Instagram, Planoly, Linktree, Ripl Facebook, content, groups, pages, VIPs, contests, giveaways, advertising, call to action, videos Tutorials, content, forms, PDF creations and more   You will be fully capable of running someone’s Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Newsletter accounts, and yes, you can apply...

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What my new car has to do with your Stampin’Up! business

I have been talking about trading my car in for a couple years. While being great on mileage, it was totally impractical for my daily life. First, I haul two of the cutest pups in the world to the dog park each day. And having them just hanging out in the back seat is not safe. Secondly, I spend some good time and money at the garden center all year long and hauling plants and pumpkins and bird baths in a little car just never worked. Third, I live in Wisconsin. That means we have a lot of snow days and I need a reliable vehicle so I’m not housebound for a whole winter. So I finally went car shopping I went looking for a compact SUV and had narrowed my search to one of 3 cars: Honda CRV, Jeep Pilot, and Lexus RX350. All used, all a great price   I drove the Lexus first. #holycow All the bells and whistles. It FELT so good. Cozy and a little indulgent. Then I drove the Honda and the Jeep. Both great cars…..but that Lexus… It was a little bit more expensive and that made me second guess my choice. In the end, I knew it was worth spending just a little bit more to get a car I knew I would LOVE. So what does this have to do...

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